Are you looking for a published author to visit your school?

I have talked at over 110 schools all around the country. My typical event lasts about an hour and is a full multimedia presentation, using powerpoint. It’s a mix of humour (my gruesome early writing when I was just 11!), themes in my books, psychology experiments and readings. It’s varied, very interactive, with lots of audience participation.

Some of my aims are;

  • to create positive associations around reading & literacy
  • to engage, fascinate and stimulate pupils (I believe when pupils are curious/interested in something they are more likely to want to read.)
  • to be an “accessible author” (I enjoy chatting with many pupils about movies, comic books and video games. Again, this feeds into the positive associations. One boy recently said “I didn’t know authors played computer games!”

I am also able to do training or workshops with smaller (usually class size) groups of students. I have a couple of workshops – one about the basics of storytelling (for example generating ideas) and another which is more focused on creative writing.

If  I’m booked for a full day, I’m happy to talk to students and work with them throughout the day, even including lunchtimes (I don’t need privacy/chillout time!). I don’t tend to do more than 4 sessions in a day to protect my voice.

To book me for an event, please get in touch at jonrobinsonevents (at) gmail (dot com)

Testimonials (many more available on request)

‘We were delighted to be able to welcome Jon to Parmiter’s.  I think the overwhelming success of his talk can be attributed to his ability to engage with the students at their level – just the right mixture of content, comedy and gore!  Even our disengaged students got something from it.’ – ND,  Librarian, Parmiter’s School, Hertfordshire

Jon is a wonderful presenter who had the students fully engaged throughout his presentation. The students loved the idea of ‘Nowhere’ and many have now bought the book. The ideas in his talk – particularly about peer pressure and the psychology of prison guards and prisoners – were fascinated and really well explored. We all enjoyed his visit a great deal, and I look forward to reading ‘Nowhere’ with classes next year. RK, Ashlyns School, Hertfordshire

‘Jon’s talk really captured students, especially as they could relate to the gruesome stories he told them that he made up when he was their age – this made the whole idea of being an author so much more real and relevant to them. It was so on their wave length.  The video clips got them talking and I heard many a discussion about them later. They loved the concept of his book ‘Nowhere’ and so wanted to know more. Several children read the book overnight and came in the next day buzzing about it, making me promise I would ask you back when the next one comes out!!. Thank you Jon for inspiring and motivating the children to read with such ease.’ – JG, Librarian, Crosfields School, Reading

Our visit from Jon Robinson was a great success.  He engaged the Year 7 students from the start talking about his early writing career and his new book NOWHERE, the characters, the story and the deeper psychological meaning behind it.  The talk was interesting, fun and interactive and left the Year 7s totally enthused by his writing.  I bought 15 copies of the book for the library – all of which were borrowed within the first 5 minutes of break – and I have a huge reservation list.  Rarely has an author provoked such a reaction in our school.’ LB, Librarian, Slough & Eton C of E Secondary School

‘Jon was a real hit here with students and staff. So much so the English staff have asked if we can have him back when next book is published. I thought Jon’s presentation was great, he kept students mesmerised with his observations’ – JT, Librarian, Francis Combe Academy, Watford

“…Lost for words I watched as he finished page three, started page four and was still writing at speed. All I can say is if you can achieve that in an hour bottle it and make a fortune!” – J, Colston’s School

I also have experience in creative writing/publishing workshops with university students and adults. I have given talks on resilience, mental health related topics,  and designing presentations, so I am more than happy to work with your business.

I’m really looking forward to working with you and your school, so do get in touch!

my talktourdamealiceowens


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