Countdown to publication

Wow, what a week…Image

It all began on Monday, with a visit to the lovely Parmiter’s school in Watford. I spoke about some of my early writing (hint; you may never look at Christmas tree decorations in the same way again), NOWHERE, and some themes and ideas that the novel touches upon. Then my publicity manager and I were whisked away to Heartlands school, for the second visit.


As well as Parmiter’s and Heartlands, I’ve visited Crosfield’s, Ashlyn’s, Slough & Eton, Francis Combe, Douay Martyrs, Cavendish & Dame Alice Owens…. and somehow managed to squeeze in a radio interview for BBC Three Counties on the Nick Coffer show. Oh, and a launch on Thursday evening…


The cake was provided by my fiancee. (She tried claiming she made it herself. She didn’t 🙂

I was actually stunned by how many turned up to the launch – friends, family, work colleagues, publishers… it was genuinely moving to see so many familiar faces coming to support me. I even managed a rather garbled speech – which probably made zero sense in hindsight – but I hope the one thing that people took away is how indescribably grateful I am.


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